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Care & Maintenance

Following our care & maintenance instructions will help prolong the life of your knives and make sure they perform at their best.

Wash Them By Hand

Wipe any food residue off your knives right away after use. If left dirty for too long after use, the acid, water, and other chemicals from the food can eventually damage the blade, leaving dark spots and rust on it.

Hand wash your knives with soap and water, and wipe them dry with a cloth or an absorbent towel before storing them away. Do not leave them soaking in water and do not use abrasive sponges.

Do not put your knives in the dishwasher. Dishwashers expose items to very high temperatures and leave water droplets on your blade for extended periods of time, causing rust to form.

Keep Them Sharp

Our knives will always arrive pre-sharpened and ready to use but, like all knives, they may become dull from normal use over time. We recommend you have them sharpened 1-2 times a year, or when they start to feel dull. A sharp knife is always safer than a dull knife. 

We recommend sharpening your knives with our whetstone. Lightly oil and lay it flat on your table or workbench. Position your blade at a 15° angle, and pull it from hilt to tip across the whetstone, with little downward pressure. Repeat evenly on both sides until sharp!

Use A Cutting Board

We recommend using a cutting board to protect your knife's blade from rapid wear or abrasion. Do not use your knives on your countertop. Clashing on a hard surface like granite or metal can damage your knife over time and dull it extremely quickly. 

If you have any questions about how to better care and maintain your knives, you can always reach us at!