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Kizaru Knives

Professional kitchen knives

Experience An Effortless Cut

Razor Sharp Blades

Our knives are made of premium high-carbon steel, allowing you to chop ingredients with more confidence and speed. Let your knives do most of the prep work for you, not the other way around.

Unmatched Aesthetics

While our main focus was on making our knives high-performing, we also wanted them to look beautiful. That's why each of our designs is unique and visually stunning.

Superior Edge Retention

Unlike most low-quality knives out there, our professional knives stay sharp over long periods of time. That way you spend more time cooking and less time sharpening.


Kizaru knife-making masters apply their craft with one objective in mind - razor sharp edges and ultimate durability. Inspired on proven hand-forging techniques that date back to the era of Samurai warriors, the blades of our knives are made by compacting multiple layers of steel that, at high temperatures, form welded bonds. The result is effortless cutting and knives that last a lifetime.