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Nakiri Damascus Steel Chef Kitchen Knife

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An all-purpose knife for 90% of all cutting tasks. It's the product of traditional Japanese metalsmithing techniques combined with contemporary advancements in manufacturing technology.

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Inspired by the strength and chaos of the winds, each Nakiri knife is a striking mosaic composed of 33 layers of Japanese Damascus steel per side clad over a VG-10 Super Core. The resulting 67 layers are both beautiful to behold and strong enough to stand the test of time.

Each knife is equipped with a hand-solidified handle showcasing a unique creative pattern. You are sure to add a one-of-a-kind piece to your kitchen.

  • Razor Sharp Blade: The blade is made of high-carbon, multi-layer Damascus steel, offering high durability and smooth, precise slicing, chopping and dicing. The Nakiri knife retains its edge really well and will not bend, break or rust easily.  

  • Unique Octagonal Handle: Each hand-solidified wooden handle is decorated with a unique creative pattern. No two knives are the same; each design is handmade and given to you at random. The handle's octagonal shape provides good balance and promotes great control when cutting or slicing.

  • Versatile Knife & Great Gift: These beautiful kitchen knives are perfect for commercial kitchens, outdoor cooking, homes, and restaurants. They are also great gifts for housewarming events, birthdays, and meaningful celebrations like Mother's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.