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Akari Damascus Steel VG10 Chef Knife

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A chef-favorite, the Akari Damascus Steel VG10 Chef's Knife is your do-it-all-knife when it comes to prep work. It's built with 33 layers of Damascus VG10 steel and features 15-degree angles, making it an incredibly sharp and durable knife that lives up to the gold standard of Japanese craftsmanship. 

  • The Ultimate Chef's Knife: The Akari is the knife you'll use most in the kitchen. Highly versatile, it's great for cutting through hard meats or soft veggies. Its 8-inch blade is also the perfect length for quick chops without losing control or adding excessive weight.
  • Razor Sharp: If there's anything that makes the Akari knife stand out it's its ultra-sharp high-carbon blade. The Akari knife is designed to make food prep quick and easy.
  • Beautiful & Comfortable Handle: Handcrafted with wood and a blue epoxy resin, each handle goes through a stabilization process that delivers an ergonomic feel. The Akari is a well-balanced knife that protects you from overwork and wrist pains.