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Kotai Magnetic Wooden Knife Holder Stand

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Proudly display your Kizaru knives on our handcrafted bamboo wood block, embedded with powerful magnets to hold them safely.

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Smartly Spacious Design

With home kitchens constantly cramped, magnetic knife holders have become a popular alternative to traditional blocks. They occupy less space and can hold more tools than regular knife blocks.

Premium Bamboo

We experimented with different materials and determined bamboo to be the best suited for the kitchen. Light and durable, it withstands wet conditions and hot kitchens, making it an all-around optimal choice.

Ultra Versatile

Our Kotai Magnetic Block is compatible with all Kizaru knives and any metal objects, including scissors, utensils, silverware, etc.

It has magnets on both sides, maximizing the space where you can place your knives and tools.