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Our Story

Kizaru started with a simple vision to make cooking easier.

As a regular home cook, our founder found himself dealing with the constant stress of meal prep—to him, it seemed that every good meal involved too much work. With so many ingredients to prepare and so much time spent in the kitchen, there had to be a way to make cooking easier and more enjoyable.

His attention quickly diverted to the most used tools in the kitchen: knives. If every home cook could have access to a good knife set, then meal prep wouldn't be so tedious. On the contrary, it would become easier and, beyond that, fun. 

To achieve this, we turned to the best knife-making masters. We wanted to ensure every cut felt butter smooth, so that the cooking experience for our users was even smoother. We talked to Japanese experts, iterated on design sketches, and had conversations with hundreds of chefs worldwide.

The result? Razor sharp blades.

Inspired on proven hand-forging techniques that date back to the era of Samurai warriors, the blades of our knives are made by compacting multiple layers of steel that, at high temperatures, form welded bonds. The result is effortless cutting and knives that last a lifetime.

Imagine effortlessly cutting, dicing, and chopping through anything, and feeling excited to use your knife. At Kizaru, our mission is to help you feel that way.